Marquee - 2019

Marquee 2019 - Gond Mystique

This collection is inspired by Gond art reflecting man’s relationship with nature. The color conceptualization of black with neon bright colors glowing in the dark, depicts hope and glory in dusky times. The haute couture collection is designed with ruffles and cascades with unusual and ravishing cuts, narrating the flow of beauty in nature. Scuba fabric has been used for creating a blend of flow & structure. The collection is all about sustainability in design and preserving the heritage of the near extinct Gond art.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Disha J, Falak S, Karamjeet K, Piyush P, Pratik M, Shrutika P & Vandana M.

Marquee 2019 - Kalamkari Streak

Inspired by the Indian art of Kalamkari, merged with stripes and surface techniques, our next collection is for differently abled children. The use of classic colors like black, white with blues and Kalamkari motifs in bright colors creates elegance and beauty. The silhouettes of the collection are Indo western with fabrics like cotton, plisse and silk. The collection talks about sustainability in design and textiles with an effort to make the differently abled fulfill their dream walk into the labour world.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Disha J, Falak S, Karamjeet K, Piyush P, Pratik M, Priyanka K, Shrutika P & Vandana M.

Marquee 2019 - Rustic Spin

The collection is inspired by sustainability through collaboration with the organisation – Magan Khadi. It depicts the story of Indian independence. Colours like white, black and red have been used symbolizing peace, power and sacrifice, all in the cause of justice. The styles are all made with the zero wastage pattern making techniques. Block printing lends a modern yet ethnic texture lending the collection a global appeal. Organic & natural dyed khadi has been used for the collection making the collection completely sustainable.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Disha J, Piyush P, Pratik M, Shrutika P & Vandana M.

Marquee 2019 - Denim Jay

The breath-taking Blue Jay - She is epitome of beauty and mystery and is the inspiration for this collection.The hallucinating effect created by the light which makes the feathers and body of the Blue Jay bird appear in different shades of blue is mesmerizing. This collection reflects sustainability by using ecological dyeing techniques, to create Ombre effects on light weight denim fabric as it is safe for the environment. To make the garments unique, the fabric manipulation technique has been used in a constructive way like shirring, smocking, pleating and 3D applique work to show glimpses of the Blue Jay, its layered wings, tail and form.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Umama K, Chintan G, Sameera S, Disha D & Purvika C.

Marquee 2019 - Marine Marvel

The ocean is calling, where are you ? The need of hour is conservation, preservation & protection. Inspired by the rapid destruction of coral reefs, the collection is a message on awareness regarding the dangers of our callousness towards this marvel of nature. colours inspired by the ocean, the sea greens fading into blues with ombré effect made in fabrics like satin in beautiful draped silhouettes, reflects the flow of water. The motifs inspired by coral reefs are digitally printed and highlighted with thread embroidery, poth & cut-dana. The collection talks about maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem, promoting the idea of sustainable living.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Shruti G, Bhavika B, Heena K, Radhika S, Sunita S, Anaiza C, Nidhi J, Vidhya S, Nikita K, Santosha B, Tejashree R & Shushmita D.

Marquee 2019 - Fun-tas-tic beta

The best part of being you, is the child in you. This fun-tas-tic collection is inspired by the Beta fish and its alluring characteristics and spectrum of hues like magenta, maroon and purple. Showcasing cute kids party wear, this collection is crafted in fabrics like Satin & Net, is all set to take your breath away.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Vidya M, Heena K, Sushmita D, Santosha B, Sumita S, Anaiza C, Shruti G, Bhavika B, Tejashree R, Nidhi J, Nikita K & Radhika S.

Marquee 2019 - Corporate Beet

This collection is inspired by Beetroot, is going to make your heart skip many a beat . Today’s modern woman is all about power dressing yet retaining her femininity. This structured collection in tones and shades of Beetroot, teamed with neutral tones is our designers’ attempt at reinventing classic silhouettes through subtleties of pleats and flares. The collection speaks of natural shades of Beetroot depicting sustainability in design.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Hinal M, Ritu T, Neelam M, Radha B, Soni B, Hinal M, Suzan P, Neelam B, Krutika Z, Resham M, Neelam Y, Jennifer F & Ishita S.

Marquee 2019 - Bling - Tastic

This Collection takes the ramp in a new twist with a metallic mix. The all black formal wear collection has a splash of metallic hues. ‘Bling is a new black’, while the use of tissue & brocade in unconventional ways, is the pinnacle of this collection.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Shifa M, Arif S, Monica J, Sehrish M, Shailee S, Saanya P, Santosh J, Aarti J, Jeenal J & Khushboo J.

Marquee 2019 - Nemo Returns

Inspired by the character of Nemo from the Disney movie Finding Nemo, this kids wear collection is a reflection of innocence and childhood. Bright colours like yellow and orange are mixed with cool colours like blue, to give a vibrant effect. This cute, Nemo inspired printed resort wear, comprises shorts, skirts & capes. Sustainable cotton fabric makes this collection child friendly.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Jill P, Neelam M, Neelam Y, Suzan P, Soni B, Hinal M, Reshma M, Neelam B & Krutika Z.

Marquee 2019 - Kinship Journey

Ain’t no hood like motherhood. The collection perceives the “Barren land to fertility to full bloom” and reflects the journey of women to motherhood. The colour palette reflects the emotions of a women at every stage of a pregnancy. The maternity wear collection comprises flare tunics, easy slip–on tops, flowing drapes in comforting fabric like soft Georgette and shiny satin. The concept talks of sustainability through the use of scrap fabric for beautifying it in surface ornamentation using different embroidery techniques.

Marquee 2019 - Khakhi Expedition

This men’s wear collection is all about a never seen before avatar of khakhi denim combined with belts, pockets and rivets.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Nikita P, Priyal S, Kavita J, Krupa P, Madhura D, Saumil G, Faiza K, Khushboo J, Mittal L & Ashwini B.

Marquee 2019 - Autumn Equinox

Inspired by the autumn leaves this collection captures beautifully the richness and moods of the autumn
season. This fusion collection is all about Indo western silhouettes, applique work, 3D form embroidery, drapes & stencil painting. Using Archroma colours for sustainability. In a palette ranging form dusty orange to rust, handmade accessories are also a step in the same direction.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Shailee S, Aarti J, Khushboo J, Monica J, Jeenal J, Sehrish M, Saanya P, Shifa M, Santosh J & Arif S.

Marquee 2019 - Black Derby

Smell the sea, feel the beach,
Be the treasure in my ocean.

The collection amplifies the little black dress with the sea inspiring the accessories. The magic of the ocean and all the colours of a marine world, reveals a treasure trove. Inspired by the vintage look of 1920 -1960, the collection also incorporates, the little black dress with fascinator, gloves, hats, stockings of that era, BUY LESS USE MORE is the mantra of the collection. The reversible design of the shrug and cape makes it sustainable. The versatility of this collection lies in its colourful accessories which can be interchanged.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Gayatri, Asha, Pooja, Matlida, Tanisha, Hetal, Shabbu, Jabir, Firdous, Shreya, Sheetal, Hasmita & Hamida.

Marquee 2019 - Cascading Glacier

The feel and power of pounding water, whether it is icicles or a waterfall, seems the same. The collection is a visual transformation of a beautiful frozen waterfall conceived in a cascading asymmetrical dress. Fabric like scuba, Tissue, Scuba Georgette is a used tactfully to depict the engaging flow of water, keeping sustainability in mind . The edges, trims and hem of the garment are spray dyed. Spray paints using Archroma colours paints, instead of conventional dying methods which leads to water pollution, is how our students are doing their bit for sustainability.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Pratiksha, Ankita, Priya B, Ramiz, Shubham Joshi, Mrunali, Priya R, Siddhi, Ritvik, Rakshanda, Soni, Mosmi & Urvi.

Marquee 2019 - Psychedelic Shibori

Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free. This attractive beach wear collection is inspired by concentric shell surface characteristics. The asymmetrical silhouette flow along the body like sand with colors like coral red and cerulean blue on tan sand colors gives  breazy, relaxed resort look. Fabric like satin are digital printed to potray the curvy pattern of the shell. Cluster of the shell, mother of pearl in blue and coral are used as embellishment.

Designed by Fashion Designing Students : Shweni & Jikisha, Akshata & Sonam, Raveena & Teja, Shwetangi & Priya, Nida & Saniya.

Marquee 2019 - Tranquility

The Dove, a symbol of peace is the inspiration of our designers. Keeping this in mind the color palette starts with white which symbolizes purity, compassion & peace with blue depicting trust, loyalty, and confidence. The collection is a casual denim wear Collin with texturing as its highlight. Techniques like bleaching, shredding, pleating, fringes, etc are used artistically to enhance the look with touches of white. Hand crafted denim accessories punctuate the look.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Darshana, Sneha G, Khusboo, Sangita, Ankita J, Divayata, Sneha S, Tamsila, Shivani, Ankita U, Devanshi, Iram K, Surekha, Jospin, Siddhi & Anuradha, Juily, Nimisha, Aarchana & Akbar.

Marquee 2019 - Vibrant Aboriginal

The culture of Africa is varied and manifold with its unique characteristics. African culture is expressed in its arts, craft, folk-art, religion, clothes, cuisine & music. The collection of trendy Indian wear is inspired from the African tribal prints. The vibrant colours of the geometric patterns are an integral part of these prints which are digitally printed on cotton silk. Accessories enhance the overall African look of the Indian ensembles. Revival of tribal arts is kept in mind for its sustainable appeal.

Designed by our Fashion Designing Students: Abhishek, Anjana, Nandita, Praful, Akanksha, Divya, Epili, Zubiya, Rajmeet, Kashkumari, Nutun, Shushmita, Shreya, Reshma, Soumiya , Yogeeta, Arsha, Sakib & Sandeep.

Marquee 2019 - Sacred Life

Raising the curtain on Marquee 2019 is a collection of beautiful Jewellery by the students of Jewellery design.

Inspired by the Tree of life the Jewellery Design students have created a beautiful collection of contemporary pieces in innovative Styles. Motifs are derived from the sun, leaves, flowers, twigs, butterflies and nature. Their creative ideas are handcrafted using wires, metals, crystals & chains.

Designed by Jewellery Designing Students : Janvi J, Shraddha L, Vanita D, Sofiya M & Pranita K.

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