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At Le Mark, education goes beyond books and traditional teaching methodologies. We provide new age learning techniques that contribute to the overall growth of a student.

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We have 3 learning models, each for the type of course we offer – Campus Learning, Online Learning – Live Online, Online Learning – Self Paced. 

Our Campus learning model is designed to develop overall skills of our students. This includes, in class training by expert faculty, practical exposure through fashion shows and photowalks, expert guidance through masterclass, workshops and industrial visits, placement week and interview preparation, internship and work opportunities with reputed personalities in the industry, the outcome of which is professional individuals who are ready to make a mark in the industry.

At Le Mark, Fashion Design enthusiasts also have the opportunity to gain an international diploma or degree by pursuing our Pearson BTEC affiliated British Diploma/Degree in Fashion Design course.

Here, you study in a group with live mentor training at a focused time in an interactive environment. This is just like an on campus class but taken online at a fixed time on our advanced Learning Management System (LMS) . One can download notes, watch recordings, submit assignments , interact with the mentor through LMS. As a diploma student you also have the opportunity to present your designs at our annual fashion show and join us in industrial visits/study trips.

At Le Mark, Fashion Design enthusiasts also have the opportunity to gain an international diploma or degree by pursuing our Pearson BTEC affiliated British Diploma/Degree in Fashion Design course.

Here, you study in your own time at your own pace backed by industry led interactive mentor support. What’s more? These courses are international courses on completion of which you get an international certificate or an Australian accredited diploma. Le Mark has partnered with The Institute to provide quality standard of education that is globally recognized.

At Le Mark, Fashion Design enthusiasts also have the opportunity to gain an international diploma or degree by pursuing our Pearson BTEC affiliated British Diploma/Degree in Fashion Design course.

360 degree development

An all round education is the one that provides both theoretical and practical knowledge. While in class lectures are mandatory for conceptual knowledge, practical exposure in the field is equally important for professional development. Our curriculum is an ideal mix of both. While you have already understood our learning model, take a look at experiential learning to know more about the opportunities that Le Mark School of Art presents.

Experiential Learning

Workshops, Seminars & Master class

Creativity demands thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject. Workshops, seminars & master class from experts help students understand the on going industry standards and trends that are vital for career growth. With leading industry experts in our Advisory & Mentor board, our students stay well informed about the current market. 

Backstage at Fashion Shows

All around education is an equal mix of in class and out class learning. At Le Mark, we help our students with unique opportunities that expose them to the industry. Our students get to work backstage with leading designer labels while completing their course of study. So far they have worked backstage with Manish Malhotra, Gaurav Gupta & Sabayasachi to name a few.

Photoshoots & Photowalks

Photography is incomplete without practical training. As a photographer, knowing how to click photos in artificial as well as natural light is important. Our indoor photoshoots ensure that our students learn to handle studio lights while operating on manual mode. Photo walks are arranged for students to apply their in class knowledge in the outside world. 

Industry Visits & Study Trips

To excel in any field, it is important to know the industry from the grassroot level. For this, industry visits & study trips are arranged every year. These trips provide exposure to students about practical working environment. Interaction with individuals from different levels in the industry helps in gaining awareness about new technologies & industry practices.

Industrial Projects & Event Participation

Working in the industry while studying is the best way an individual can learn. At Le Mark, because of our good presence in the industry and an influential network , our students regularly get opportunities to work in movie projects, live shows, events and industrial projects. This molds them into professionals that the industry requires.

Annual Fashion Show - Marquee

Marquee is our annual fashion show organized for our design students to present their talent in front of the world. This is their first public platform even before they start a career  in the design industry. Influential people from all over India are welcomed to attend our show. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their hardwork in front of an audience.

Celebrity Interaction

Social Responsibility

Learning never ends. That’s why at Le Mark we teach students social responsibility that will stay with them even after they graduate. We, along with Bhavyata Foundation have started numerous initiatives involving social development, livelihoods and holistic education from initiation to conclusion. Our students are made to actively take part in this. Some of the initiatives are as follows:

  • Hunger Free Mumbai – This initiative provides healthy and nutritious meals to malnourished children while anchoring them.
  • Sowing the Seeds – Working in collaboration with social activists, we train the villagers in organic farming,breed preservation etc.. 
  • School of Sustenance – Knowing experiential learning to be critical, we introduced krida session which include recreation etc.
  • Lessons for Life – Awareness sessions relating to social health, community development, lifestyle and wellness etc.
  • Bridge for Artisans – Aiming to ignite and promote dying arts and crafts of India, we forge a bridge between these talented rural artisans.
  • India First – India First initiative revolves around nation building by engaging with various communities and professionals.
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