Ms. Archana Kocchar

Bollywood & International Fashion Designer

Ms. Archana Kochhar shares her word of advice for the students on how hard work can inch them towards their goal every day.

Dr. Graham Clayton


Dr. Clayton expresses his thoughts on how professional the students’ garments looked.

Ms. Sonam Modi

Ms. Sonam Modi

Ms. Modi talks about maturity in students’ design & improvement she has seen over the years.

Mr. Viral Desai

CEO Zentex

Mr. Desai talks about fabrics & drapes used in garments & why he sees future big designers coming from LMSA.

Mr. Paras Modi

Co-founder SVA

Mr. Paras Modi shares a few words of praise for the students of Le Mark on their creativity and originality.

Ms. Indra Jadwani

Jewellery Designer at Athena

Ms. Indra Jadwani talks about improvement seen in LMSA’s jewellery design every year.

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