Marquee - 2015

Marquee - balle balle

The collection is inspired by the famous Bhangra dance of Punjab. The dance celebrates the small happiness of life and inspires us to live in the moment. It is essentially a harvest festival dance & so, our designers have used harvest colors of Green & Yellow in their collection of Western Casual garments. The collection created by our students features traditional woolen crochet & embroidery on denim & georgette, in this chic collection.

Marquee - rendering of raga

The marvellous collection is inspired by the two Indian musical instruments that are representative of Indian music across the globe...the sitar & the tabla. Our students have designed these works of art by being inspired by these instruments that reflected the culture of the times in that they showed both Indian and Persian characteristics. It is a collection of Western casual wear in white, cream & blue in fabrics like cotton linens & hosiery.

Marquee - lavanya

Lavani, the famous Maharashtrian folk dance now provides grist for the creative mill for our students. Lavni is actually derived from the word “Lavnya'' which means beauty . Maharashtra was once a battle-torn state, and Lavani dance served as a mode of entertainment and as a morale booster to the tired soldiers during the 18th and 19th centuries. In this collection of western casual wear, our designers have also drawn their inspiration from elements like ghungrus which is commonly worn by the lavani dancers & have used coins & golden lace embellishments on satin georgette & silk. Presenting - Lavanya.

Marquee - black magic

Our  young  designers are inspired  by  two  very  popular  dance  forms...the  Garba & the  Bhangra as they created a collection called Black  Magic.

The magic of black never fails to make a woman look beautiful. Like a frame to a painting, black always ensures that the person is the first thing you see. The students have  embellished the garments with digitally printed navratri motifs and traditional kutchi embroideries,  with  elements  taken  from  the  props  used  in  the  dances  for added  impact.

Check  out  this  collection  of  Western  casual  silhouettes .

Marquee - trikon mandali

The tribal art of Warli is the focal point of our design team who recreates the art with a modern touch, on their collection of western casual wear in denim & organza. The Warlis or Varlis are an indigenous tribe, living in mountainous as well as coastal areas of the Maharashtra-Gujarat border and the surrounding areas. Their simplistic yet highly expressive Warli paintings are dominated by three geometric shapes...the triangle, the circle, and the square & depict the folklife…socio-religious customs, imaginations, and beliefs of the Warli tribe.

Marquee - pastel power

The students now put brush to fabric as they present a collection inspired by Madhubani paintings, a style of painting, practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar, with brief flashes of the Bhangra dance & Kalamkari work.  The collection, in shaded georgette & transparent nets uses the pastel shades of peach and blue, often associated with the spring season . Check out…Pastel Power.

Marquee - kalam collection

The collection draws from the ancient art of Kalamkari to create these paintings. Kalamkari means, Kalam - pen & kari - work, i.e., the artwork was done using a pen.  It presents the illustrated history of India put on canvas with intricate designs made using natural colors. These paintings depict a lot of animal & bird motifs in their natural habitat.   It’s time for fashion to flaunt the Kalam Collection

Marquee - basuri

The  plaintive  notes  of  the  wooden  flute  or  Bansuri  now  inspire  our  young  designers  of  1st  Year  Fashion  Design  to  create  the  next  collection  that  hits  head-ramp.

The  inseparable  companion  of  Lord  Krishna,  the  Bansuri’s  haunting  melodies  that  captivated  the  gopis,  now  mesmerises  fashionistas,  as  it  is  used  to  embellish  this  collection of  western  casual  wear  in  denim & cotton.

The  bansuri  motifs  have  been  reproduced  on  the  garments, through  Kalamkari  or  hand  painting,  embroidery and touches  of  applique.

Marquee - Kali, Kolam, Gurkaniyan, Khatam-Bandh, Kayra.

The collection is inspired by several art forms. Kathakali, the stylized classical dance -drama from Kerala, Chhau Dance, Gauriya Nritya, Dhumal. They played an active role in ending the Mughal rule & establishing the Maratha Empire. The Kalbelias, a wandering tribe mainly found in Rajasthan. All these influences find their way into our next collection of bridesmaids dresses in a graceful ghargra-choli collection that is all about femininity, grace & elegance for a new age bride! A blend of rich silk and soft sheer fabrics have been enhanced with cut-work, zari, machine work & beadwork.

Marquee - pinache

Inspired by the Banjara, a class of nomadic people from Rajasthan, our designers present a collection of traditional Skirts with Blouses and bustiers in Black, red & blue. The creations in raw silk are embellished with traditional Rabari embroidery from Gujarat. Setting the ramp on fire now is Pallavi’s collection... Banjara.

Marquee - walk of celebration

 'Artylicious Jewellery' line is presented by the young & ambitious Jewellery Designers of LeMark. These young design artists gravitate towards beads, stones, grains, terracotta, precious metal and wire jewelry. The simple techniques have infinite artistic applications. The pieces are created using inspirations from across the country, looking for it in a plethora of art forms and a multitude of traditions: bamboo dance, marble painting, kuchipudi, katak mughalai miniatures, kathakali. Using vintage components effectively in stylish one-of-a-kind designs, these young designers prove that they’re set for a sparkling future. Presenting … Jewellery de Artylicious

Marquee - samanvaya

The collection draws inspiration from “ Lavani” which is heritage of Maharashtra folded into a folk dance and an equally popular “Phad” painting which is an epitome of rich Indian culture. The design of garments is an earnest attempt to fuse indo-western and traditional clothing. The colors used are full of life like bright sunny orange, an internal red, and a spiritual off-white. Ghungru has been incorporated and is the spirit of garments as well as accessories. True to Indian culture where a covered head is a symbol of self-esteem and pride turban is used to complete the ensemble. This is an attempt to give a horizon where tradition merges seamlessly into the contemporary modern art of clothing.

Marquee - Silver Tune, Dancing Pearls, Tambrang, Xquisite

Giving us even more reason to hold our heads high is another design team of the Jewelry Design Dept. They showcase yet more creative & technical excellence in this collection to take the spotlight. The simpler the form, the more glamorous the idea. In our next set of designs too, our budding Jewellery Designers at LeMark have managed to out-do their creativity. Here's what they have to show.

Marquee - Doli, Maharai, Manidhara, Shatriy, Kalapa, Mayur, Spectrum.

They say East is East & West is West & Ne’er The Twain Shall Meet. Art embraces fashion, the distinctions between the two have blurred dramatically. And so the ramp now comes alive to an artiylicious collection of indo- west separates pants, kurtis, dhoti, jackets, and more in unique combinations of pleated fabric chiffon, georgette, & silk. In the most vibrant shades of blue, purple, beige, white, orange & red…here’s a collection that’s set to storm the hearts of youthful fashionistas.

Marquee - zankar

The collection is inspired by Paithani, the pride & joy of Maharashtra’s fabric heritage. The intricate & delicate work is completely handwoven where only pure Gold Zari & pure silk is used.  As Music brings Happiness, a Paithani brings Cheer to every Maharashtrian, in fact to every Indian woman. Inspired by the finesse & delicate art Designer Vandana has, through the Entrepreneurship Development Programme of LeMark, worked with the Paithani weavers of Yevla Village & created a panorama of Musical Instruments on the Paithani fabrics.

Marquee - Svatanya, Gond, Singi Cham, Kolabo, Kuchiar, Mysuru, Stripes.

The collection is inspired by many art forms like Padayani, Gond Paintings, Singi Cha, the Bihu Dance, the Ghoomaar, Kuchipudi, Mysore Paintings & Yakshgana. Life is not a red carpet, but it pays to be in sync with trends. And so, here’s a collection that is all about young people discovering their newly-acquired fashion quotient, with this amazing and eye-popping collection.

Marquee - bright streaks

It's Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. The 2nd Year fashion Design students now come up with a Christmastide collection of Party-Wear for kids. Using net & brocade with sequin work to provide the bling, bows & pearls complete the look that, in a combination of red & gold, is just what a child needs to exude Christmas cheer & be the life & soul of the party. Time to rock with Bright Streaks.

Marquee - promtional wear

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