Things to keep in mind while choosing a Fashion Design School

Things to keep in mind while choosing a Fashion Design School

Fashion Designing has one of the most fun, creative, and lucrative career options today. From being a niche profession, the designing market has its reach to almost all the major areas of our lives now. With the rise in demand, the Indian Fashion Industry which was once known for its traditional and regional influences in now witnessing a transition towards aligning with western trends, thus becoming more global and eclectic. Hence, the Fashion Industry offers more exciting, alluring, and rewarding career opportunities than it ever has. At the same time, it has become a very competitive and stressful market. Thus, students need to choose their fashion designing course wisely.

There are a broad-spectrum of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses that you can consider which include a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Fashion Designing. If you do not desire to pursue a degree, you can also opt for a diploma or certificate course offered by various institutes in Fashion Design, Fashion Management, or in other areas of fashion design.

Today, there are several online and on-campus courses available. Due to the advancement in technology, online courses also hold great importance and are universally accepted. If you opt for an online course, you will have the advantage of learning at your own pace and comfort along with getting ample time for your side hustle, if you have any. Moreover, if you are still skeptical about choosing fashion designing as your career, you can test the water by doing a short course or free online course and see if you are ready to invest in it.

Things to consider while choosing a fashion designing college :

1.Curriculum– It is very important to choose a college that offers a curriculum that is inclusive of modern and international trends and standards. This increases the job opportunities for students after completing the course and also broadens their perspective as young designers.

2.Faculty- The faculty of the college directly contributes to the overall quality and reputation of the college as they provide academic leadership to the institution by fostering excellence in research, teaching, and other professional activities. Along with instilling valuable skills in the students, they also play a major role in counseling and mentoring the students. Hence, it is very important to check the qualification and experience of the faculty members.

3.Industry Connect- While it is the responsibility of the students to take initiative to gain as much professional experience as possible during their college years, it is also vital that the college connects them to the industry stakeholders so that they get a better understanding of the working methodology of their domain. It will be beneficial to students to get experiences through exclusive masterclasses and projects.

4.Placement Opportunities- Knowing that your future is in safe hands is going to save you from anxiety and give you confidence during your college days. As there is a very tough competition in the job markets when it is about matching skills available for a single profile, it is very relieving for students to get a strong placement cell in their college that can guide them through and ease the process. Hence, they should look for institutes that offer 100% placement assistance to students. Help them in building their career and prepare them for interviews.

5.Academic Progression- Aspiring students may want to elevate their CV’S and get global exposure by studying in an international institution. Colleges should also have internationally networked with other reputed institutions to be able to provide them that. Therefore, you need to check if Academic Progressions are available in your college or not.

6.Fashion Show Participation When it comes to Fashion Designing colleges, it is crucial to check that student’s participation in Fashion Shows is guaranteed. This will expose them to the practical life and working methods of professionals in their field and allow them to present their work to the outside world. A field like fashion designing requires students to always be eager to gain as much exposure as possible and enhance their portfolios.

Fashion Designing study is a very empowering and enriching experience in itself. But proper research and guidance are required before taking any step in life and your career can in no way go in isolation. Hence, a little research and comparison is always a wise thing to do.

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