The Best of Milan Fashion Week 2021


Although the show has drawn to a close, we can’t have enough of the looks showcased at the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2021. Unless you have been living under the rock, you must be aware of the stir created by the spectacular Milan Fashion Week. Milan Fashion Week, one of the international  “Big Four Fashion Weeks”, stuck with a digitally focused schedule to overcome pandemic this year. As fashion is the reflection of how we feel, brands like Prada and Moschino, presented extravagant and cheerful collections that suggested the hopeful attitude of returning to normalcy.

The audience was only comprised of a small group of coronavirus-tested editors and buyers, the rest had to view the collections from home. Nevertheless, Milan Fashion Week this year was anything but monotonous. There were designs that will complement all our lockdown moods. The styles represented in the Milan Fashion show were greatly eccentric ranging all the way from neutral-colour looks, ponchos, practical denim to flashy metallic outfits. Designers also tried to permeate the retro vibe by reviving spirits with lineups inspired by Old Hollywood Glam. Amongst these amazing sets of looks, let’s have a look at some collections that really have the potential to inspire future trends of the market.



Anything but basic, puffers are bound to make statements and they also obviate the need of wearing another accessory to enhance our look. Attractive, stylish, functional and fun, puffers looked perfect on models walking for Fall 2021.



Designers exhibited different ways to wear off-shoulder pieces on the runway. Off-shoulder shows a subtle amount of skin that does not look too over-the-top. It’s a good way to spicy up our daily formal look.


Fringe Hem

Fringe hem made its way straight to the traditionally serious-looking coat, blazers and dresses lined up by top brands like Fendi, No.21, amongst others. Such trends allude towards subverting traditional outlooks of office wear.



Milan Fashion Week seems to satiate our cravings for parties and events from the past one year. The show of futuristic sequins and metallic suits seems to be giving hope for a more happening future filled with glitz and glamour.



Calming and versatile neutral tones were added to the catwalk to meet the taste of buyers who are more into subtle and elegant clothing. We love them as these basics work well for formal, regular or even partywear with just a little mix-and-match of accessories or outer layer.



This variation of green is very pleasing to our eyes, the neutral and earthy shade complements most of the skin tones. The shade is used by the designers on plush fur outerwear, statement overcoat, skirts, and cropped jackets.



The high street fashion models opted for comfortable and relaxing jeans over joggers. We got to see the most easy-going and practical style that focuses upon functionality as well as aesthetics.



The stylish and easy-to-wear ponchos made an appearance this year on the catwalk. The ponchos were presented with a refreshed touch of sophistication albeit giving cozy vibe at the same time.


Retro Clubwear

We got excited to go down our memory lane with ruched halter dresses paired with ‘70’s Style’ fur coat. These collections are fun are chic and exudes that extravagant high fashion energy. They change the mood of the occasion if worn the right way.


Retro Clubwear

Sporty rugby strips look very athletic and can also be worn casual, it has a hint of the rich elite class energy to it. Apart from adding variety, stripes can also make our body look wider or narrower depending on the way we wear it.

Vintage Leather Coats

Vintage leather coats could be spotted in the menswear collection of Milan Fashion Week. A leather coat makes a statement even today, it amps up the entire look and elevates the show of the outfit entirely. It’s a great opportunity for men to show off their best style using timeless vintage coats.

Milan Fahion Week has brought new looks that are going to start trends that will stay for a really long time. Denims, neutrals, leather coats are going nowhere in the near future, and we would like to keep it this way.

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