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Campus Course

Students share their views on their learning journey and how it aided their transformation from an enthusiast to a skilled industry professional.

Nikita Picholiya
Nikita PicholiyaFashion Design - Mumbai
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The past year at Le Mark for us has been a wonderful journey, from attending industrial visits, learning new concepts, attending seminars have all been of great use to us. Then came the fashion show ‘MARQUEE’ where we put to use all our teachings.
Rohan Sharma
Rohan SharmaFashion Design - Mumbai
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My experience at Le Mark was wonderful. We learnt different techniques in the Classroom as well as in workshops and gave us a creative boost provided by Le mark. We also took part in fashion shows that gave us an industry exposure.
Juhi Gandhi
Juhi GandhiInterior Design - Mumbai
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I am proud of being a former student at Le Mark. Their study material is so valuable. The concepts I learnt during class are exactly the concepts required for a progressive career as an Interior Designer. Highly recommend their courses to everyone.
Kshitij Shah
Kshitij ShahInterior Design - Ahemdabad
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I have received so many opportunities at Le Mark that have molded me into a better designer. The teachers are very helpful and friendly. I am so glad I chose Le Mark as my path towards becoming an Interior Designer.
Vaishnavi Jadhav
Vaishnavi JadhavJewellery Design - Pune
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I learnt so much during my time in Le Mark especially during fashion shows which helped us enhance our creativity and gave us a creative boost. I would recommend Le Mark to everyone. It is the best school for jewellery design.
Sofiya Maxiwovna
Sofiya MaxiwovnaJewellery Design - Student
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Being an international student I had a lot of thoughts in my head . Fortunately, Le Mark proved to be an excellent choice for me. I have learnt a lot even in the 6 month certificate course and would like to thank my teachers.
Pratham Shah
Pratham ShahPhotography - Student
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We were taken to nature parks to learn natural phootgraphy and to we went for an independence day shoot for light photography. Le Mark helps in getting the practical knowledge that is needed.
Aryan Shah
Aryan ShahPhotography - Mumbai
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I learnt so much during my time in Le Mark especially during fashion shows which helped us enhance our creativity and gave us a creative boost. I would recommend Le Mark to everyone. It is the best school for jewellery design.

Online Course

Students talk about what the online learning at Le Mark has to offer and how they benefited from it.

Priyanka Patel
Priyanka PatelFashion Design - Mumbai
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Really impressed by the methodology of teaching and in depth knowledge given during the course. My basics are clear and I can not wait to learn more!
Natasha Bhardwaj
Natasha BhardwajFashion Design - Student
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The assignments and projects are very helpful as I can put my creativity and knowledge to practice. I feel every online class should follow this methodology.
Ronak Goha
Ronak GohaPhotography - Guwahati
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Extremely happy with the course. It was a very good experience to learn photography. The curriculum is perfect for beginners and the teaching methodology makes it easier to understand.
Deetya Iyer
Deetya IyerPhotography - Banglore
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This course is a good investment. The modules are explained in detail by the faculty. Following the course has improved my photography skills and I would recommend this course to everyone.
Kelly Donougher
Kelly DonougherInterior Design - Ocean Reef, WA
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What a fantastic course! I found this course to be completely practical, inspiring and most importantly exactly what you need to know when starting out your journey in the design industry.
Nathan Nasrallah
Nathan NasrallahInterior Design - Sydney, NSW
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I loved the self-paced nature of the course, and how easy it was to navigate around the course. You get so much support from the tutors, the student support and the Facebook group; I have found it to be an invaluable community that supported me during my studies, and now into my professional career as a designer.
Una Baldwin
Una BaldwinMakeup Artistry - Canada
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My Tutor was and is incredible and with so much experience at her hand, it was an honour to be taught and guided by her. I recommend this course 100%.
Charito Espartero
Charito EsparteroMakeup Artistry - Australia
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This course has completely transformed my skills, the way I never imagined. I even surprised myself sometimes with the results of my work, I couldn't believe it!
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