Photography - The Art of Seizing a Moment

“You don’t take a picture, you make it.”

Photography is a very interesting art form. You feel like God, for you have the power to freeze time and capture memories for eternity! Everyone is a photographer in their own right! Capturing moments beautifully is the art that is to be learnt. Owning a DSLR Camera or expensive equipment accompanying it, doesn’t make one a photographer. And it is fun to actually realise that some award-winning photographs are shot on smartphone cameras as well!

It is not about the gear that you use but it’s about how professionally you portray your vision when capturing the subject in front of you. Photographs are a way to show the world what you see. And it’s time for you to learn a few basic tricks to capture snapshots like a pro!

  1. Practice is the key
    Never stop taking pictures! The more you click the better you get. With more practice, one gets to know the intricacies of the camera that they are working with. One also develops steady hands and a better vision for the photographs that they want to take.   

  2. Don’t invest on expensive equipment right away
    For a beginner or an amateur, indulging into expensive accessories is a waste. With more practice and study, comes the knowledge to choose the right equipment. For example, owning a gear set of Canon or Nikon would be outlandish for a beginner. So, starting with a second-hand photography kit of perhaps the same brands would save a fortune. In this way you can also learn the basic utilisation of them.

  3. Experiment with shots
    A certain subject can be portrayed in different ways through the kind of photographs that you click of it. So, experimenting with the lights and angles should be done at every point. It’s a task to find the right angle where the picture exactly reflects what you have in mind. And experimenting with the positions and angles is what is necessary for that.

  4. Be aware of your surroundings
    The world is filled with wonders. Sometimes that wonder is found in a dead fallen leaf or sometimes in an innocent smile. But to see these small wonderous beauties in our daily lives, you must be aware of your surroundings, and see the world through a photographer’s perspective who wants to freeze that little moment and share it with the world. By being aware of the things going on around you, you can also discover the type or kind of photographic approach you are best at- be it portraits, landscapes or wildlife!

  5. Carry a camera always
    Photo ops present with themselves in the most unexpected of times. That is why, it is always safe to carry a camera with you. You might just be strolling down the street and get inspired to click a photograph of a person, or a thing, or a situation, that you would like to portray to the world from your point of view. Such instances are sudden and rare, and hence it’s best to carry a camera and capture such moments that very instant.


  1. Follow blogs and invest in photography books
    Once you come across blog posts or photography books of photographers, you get to know the kind of approach professionals have towards this form of art. Their hard-work and dedication is clearly reflected through the photographs that they have clicked. Little tricks always accompany such photographs. One gets a very detailed idea about the kind of photographic approach they should take. In a candid interview, famous Indian fashion photographer Dabboo Ratnani says, “I love shooting everything outdoor because I feel that the way I can use the natural light in my pictures is unparalleled. I love mixing natural light with artificial light. There is a certain amount of candidness that I capture. I like to see the pictures little more natural.” Such little insights into a photographer’s mind can help an amateur discover their own style and experiment with more!

  2. Learn from a professional and become one!
    Photography can be learnt anytime if you have the passion for learning it. You can attend workshops that happen every now and then around the city in Mumbai. But if you want to take your passion more seriously you can enrol in courses that offer you great insight into the art of photography.


There are various certificate courses offered by LeMark Institute of Art, revolving around this art form. There is a beginner’s course of Basic Photography for amateurs, and Advanced Photography course & Diploma in Photography for professionals.


The path to hone your photography skills is never ending. But LeMark would surely give you a head start to your passion for it!


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