Improve Your Photography By Drawing Inspiration From Nature

Improve Your Photography By Drawing Inspiration From Nature-1

Photographs capture moments that mean something to us and pause the time we want to remember for the rest of our lives. The demands of professionals who are skilled to take photographs have increased in manifolds as people now understand its value and want to share their moments with the rest of the world. To serve the rising demands, photographers should be able to develop superior skills and dexterity so as to deliver the required results and thats why it’s important to always improve your photography.

There are times when you may feel stuck in the same place, lacking inspiration, or experiencing creative blocks in your area of photography. It is quite common, especially in the early stages where photographers always blame their old equipment for lower-quality pictures. Constant growth in the field can only be ensured through conscious behavioral disruption.

Stepping back, re-evaluating your approach, and sometimes even trying your hands in other genres can be a helpful way to train your subconscious mind better and learn new techniques in your other areas. If you think that your photography is monotonous, stale, and requires some new energy, consider taking inspiration from nature and using natural elements in your photography that will equip you with skills and an understanding of photography that is hard to learn while sticking to just one area. Your comfort zone is your enemy, try to trick yourself out and you will find that different techniques and approaches will show themselves in the process. Nature is full of surprises and challenges and mastering to operate your camera around the uncertain challenges posed by nature and its habitat can be an awesome learning ground.

Below are some steps you can take to step out of your comfort zone and explore new creative boundaries :-

1. Try golden hour shoot- You must have heard of this magical moment. It is a short window of time right after sunrise and right before sunset when the sun is at a low angle near the horizon, and the rays that fall on the subject are usually diffused filled the air with a flattering golden hue that is perfect for photography. Long, soft shadows are created, giving dimensions to the photograph.

The golden hour happens twice a day, so make sure that you are ready beforehand to catch the moment. Moreover, it is important that the camera is not art to Auto White Balance as it will balance out the warm tones, this prevents the desired result. Set it to manual mode so you can edit the scene while reviewing it.


2. Shoot light and shadow photography – Play with light and shadows to make your photography enigmatic and thought provoking, you might like light and shadow photography. It includes using strong light and shadow to create abstract silhouettes. The images create a unique perspective. Create interesting patterns that can add creative perspective to the overall picture. You can apply your creative ideas to tell stories through the photographs. As it is a way the light is used in combination with shadows that makes a subject look more realistic.

You can also use shadows as a subject. Make use of the mystery of the dark form. Shadows can also be used tactically to fill the empty spaces of a frame. Widows and other architectural frames cast shadows that can be manipulated to add patterns in the picture that are very interesting to see.


3.  Make use of natural elements– Next step to improve your photography is by adding natural elements like flowers, greenery, clouds and earth that add natural tone to your photographs. They will make the images look very vibrant and act as a great backdrop to your pictures. Natural elements are pleasing to look at and we are drawn towards the refreshing photographs. Clouds exudes the feeling to abundance and gives a dramatic effect to the picture whereas greenery is soothing to look at. Flower adds exuberance and earthy texture can add dimensions to your photographs making them more realistic to see.


4. Capture different seasons- You can add variety to your photography by merely capturing the different seasons at their best.Portray the beautiful warmth of spring, calmness of autumn and  the joy connected with summer seasons. Trees without leaves against the delicate snow can be a great subject during winter. The expansive feelings will make your images more expressive and add variety to them. Same place at the same time can look very different in different seasons. Adjust the exposure manually the capture best shots.


5. Shoot subjects in their natural context- Although it is interesting to shoot birds on powerlines and squirrels on benches, shooting animals and plants in their natural habitats result in very powerful images. Natural images draw the audience closer to nature and are a sure-fire way of taking breathtaking natural photos.

Once you understand the ways nature can help you improve your photography, there will be no looking back. There are simply a plethora of different techniques and ideas that you can employ to take powerful natural photographs. Try to play with the composition to produce more natural and balanced shots that are pleasing to the eye. Think about taking photographs from different perspectives and angles to change the focal point.You can even create a sense of depth in your pictures. Nature has a lot to offer if you are patient, you will never be disappointed in your approach. Best of luck

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