How to start your own Fashion Label


Dreaming of starting your own brand? Then do not worry! We have the tailor-made solutions to all your worries. In this blog, we have provided a step by step guide to launch a successful fashion brand.

Every iconic brand that we love the most and want to go shopping all the time had a history of its own. There is no brand without a rich history with struggles and growth. Every clothing line that we see dominating the market and running successful in the department stores started small and grew over the years. Many of those brands even started from a designer’s living room or a garage. The famous fashion designer Anita Dongre started her clothing line from a small garage and grew to be so successful today. While launching your own label can be challenging, thanks to the technology today that has developed the e-commerce side of the online marketing. And today it is possible to start a small online clothing store and turn it into a clothing brand that will be loved globally.

So, there is nothing that can stop you from launching your own label when you are determined to start one. Here are few tips that will help you to plan a layout that will be handy while you start your label.

A 10-step guide on how to launch your own fashion label

The great brands that we adore in the industry today were not put together in a piecemeal fashion store. All the brands even when exploring the trial and error scheme had a proper business plan that they followed and reached a scale of success at a sustainable pace. Use this blog as a step by step guide to structure your own business model. You need to be prepared for the peaks and downfalls as you start your clothing business. Starting something new is difficult but not impossible. So remember all the brands that we see successful had their start somewhere. 

1. Analyse the need in the market

A successful clothing line will not survive merely on the thought of the designer being good. You always have to find a niche in the market and come up with the products that are currently not available. It can be something like a t-shirt that can be used on several occasions. Or a hoodie that will flater someone’s curves. You need to target and look for products that are unique and not done by any other brand.

2. Build a business plan

The business plan will guide you all the way. You need to ask yourself as an entrepreneur about what is your goal for the particular product. You need to find if you want the product to be sold under your label. Or want to sell the product with multi designer store. The choice is up to you. Identify your goal and stick to it.

3. Analyse your target market

This is a very important step. As you just don’t need to analyse the product that is not available in the market but also need to tap on the demographic side. You will need to understand your target group of consumers for your particular product. Afterall even a good design can do nothing if you do not have people to buy the product.

4. Begin with your designs

This is your forte and this will be your chance to shine as bright designer. Your first collection will help you identify where you stand as a designer in the real world. Be creative but think practically at the same time in a most cost-effective manner. Being a successful designer is always a blend of practicality and creativity.

5. Finding a manufacturer

You will need to find a clothing manufacturer if you do not wish to source, cut, sew all the materials yourself. If you plan an inhouse production team then you will have to think of many aspects of production. If not, you will have to develop your contact to get your sourcing done. You will have to find clothing manufacturers who will hand you a finished product.

6. Choosing a brand name, logo and market profile

If you are ready with the production unit then you can start to plan your market profile. This means that you will need to decide a business name and a slogan and design a logo that suits your identity. You will also need to design your website and/or collaborate with ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra etc. Customers like brands that reveal some story so you will need to weave your story together. This way you are all set to sell your goods online.

7. Decide on price point for your products

This step is about identifying and understanding your target market. Choose a price point that will cover your production costs and will suit your target audience’s budget

8. Start with your marketing

Your business will need brand awareness as at this point it is all new. You will need to use different forms of marketing to create awareness among your target audience.

9. Set sales & distribution goals

You will need to collaborate with different distributors. Just your fashion vision will not be enough for you to real your desired target goals. If you hit your sales goals you will be growing your business.

10. Look for more investment and partnerships

Once you hit the market you can look for investors and partner who will help you grow your business to another level.

We hope the steps provided with regards to starting your new venture would be helpful for you in the future when you decide to start your journey. To gain an in depth knowledge about making it big in the fashion industry, you can join our Fashion Innovation & Brand Management Course which is designed for individuals like you who would also like to experience the business side of fashion industry.

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