How to start-off your career In Photography

How To Start-off Your Career In Photography

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “photographer”? If you imagined a man wandering around with a camera in hand, you would be surprised to know that photography today is way more than that.  Photography today is not restricted to movies, wildlife or weddings, rapid digitalisation in recent years has increased the demand for photographers tremendously in fields like media, advertising, mass media and other fields.

Visual representation has proven to be the most impactful way to attract attention, making the demand for high quality professionally captured pictures go off the roof. Photographers are needed in almost every field today where it’s important to represent their products on digital platforms. Photography can be a very rewarding and lucrative career if your skills are in line with the current standards.

If you are serious about photography, here are some tips that can give you a smooth start:-

Learn the basics

If you want to start a professional career in photography, the first step is to learn. Learn what photography is about, what the basics. Photography is a very vast subject and there is a lot to learn, but having the basic concepts clear is a good first step.

Start where you are

Start by capturing your locality in a creative way. Learn the art of telling stories through the lens. Mastering the art is the key to mastering photography.

Take a course

It is sensible to take a course today as you can learn the technical aspects, process and other areas of photography. The curriculum is usually mapped in a way that in-depth knowledge of this field can be acquired in a short span of time. It can save a lot of time and thus, it is advisable to take a course in this highly competitive environment starting your professional practice. It will also help you be a part of a like-minded community and learn from them. Moreover, later if you decide to teach in this area, the course will add to your credibility.


A good portfolio adds extra weight to your CV and gives you an edge over others. So you should always be on the lookout for ways to enhance your portfolio. A better portfolio will ensure bigger opportunities coming your way. Make sure it is diverse and global in nature and meets the demands of the market today.

Keep up with the World

You can only know what will be in vogue tomorrow if you know what is trending today and perceptively figure out the patterns in it. It is very important to know who is doing what and what is being appreciated by people on a daily basis to figure out your next step towards success.

Learn from others

We can’t make all the mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes, we have to learn about what is really working from others too. Attending different workshops and seminars can be really helpful, especially in the early stage as it introduces us to various ideas and work processes that can make you question your own ideas and enhance them with time.


If you want to have a successful career in photography earlier than others, you need to keep your eyes open and observe what others are getting right. Learn about the best photographers and their journey. Take inspiration from the best photographers. This will help you elevate your photography standard.

Know where you stand

Self-awareness is the biggest asset when the career is photography. You need to train your mind to take criticism sportingly and learn from it. It is an ever-growing process and you will always have something to brush upon. Accept the level of your skill and trust the process.

Know your niche

After a while, you would know what you are good at. Choose your specialty wisely but try to do it as early as you can in your career. Then, you would have more time to enhance your skills in that particular area.


Knowing exactly where you want to go, whom you want to work with, what you want to achieve will give you proper clarity about what steps you should take to achieve that and it will also fuel your actions and motivate you to be better every day.

Photography is a very broad field with a lot of scopes. Proper guidance and perseverance can help you tap on your strengths and explore your abilities beyond your imagination. It will introduce you to a world that very few people get to see. The art of capturing moments and telling stories can not be more rewarding now. Now is the time to live the extraordinary.

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