How to find inspiration when you have a creative burnout ?


Creative burnout is natural. Creativity doesn’t always come naturally and it doesn’t always come when you most need it. Being a designer and creating something new everyday is challenging. Too many deadlines, demanding clients, no cohesive vision and even too much coffee can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. It’s not always easy to deliver creativity on demand so we’ve put list together that’s designed to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some constructive ways to find inspiration for your design collection.

  1. Look around, find inspiration in textures, colours, or even the vibe that an object offers. Stepping away from the screen, going for walk and getting some fresh air can do wonders for recharging the mind and energy levels. If you’re feeling stuck or uninspired, take 5 minutes or 20 minutes to go outside and you’ll be surprised with what you might come up. This is not easy most of the times, since tight deadlines and road-maps cannot wait. But we at Le Mark find it extremely necessary at least once in a while to go out and reset your creative juices.
  2. Think of what you love, find inspiration in the object or in the feeling you get when you think about it. We all gather inspiration from different mediums and in different ways, but knowing how to trigger those creative juices is an important part of being a creative professional. The best ideas often come when doing completely random, uncreative tasks. Jot them down as they come to you, or snap a photo of things that catch your eye.
  3. Analyze your feelings. Feelings say a lot . Analyze them and use them for your future designs. When you can identify what causes your mind to clear, moves you emotionally, or helps your imagination spark, then you know how to work that creativity muscle. Keeping it healthy and strong is a must throughout your career. Try to approach every brief with the opposite of what everyone else would do. It might not be the direction you choose in the end, but it can help to avoid clichéd scenarios. There are various sources of good inspiration in your own subconscious. A thought of inspiration usually stems from your deep subconscious.
  4. Get inspired by events. One can find inspiration in the events that have taken place in history, watch documentaries and movies for detailed observation. Immersing yourself in particular arts or cultures that you wouldn’t normally be interested in could lead to interesting mixed-context inspirations, so get involved. The inspiration for your design can come from these sources. The next design that you create can be of a different style altogether.
  5. Read, watch and listen to other artists. Every brain is different from the other and learning about how other artists find inspiration can help you find yours. Get talking with other designers and creative-types. Chat about the projects you’re working on, what aspects you’re finding particularly challenging, brainstorm ideas and discuss sources of inspiration for design patterns. You might chance upon some great advice, or better yet, a solution because they’ve ‘been there, done that. But no problem if that isn’t the case, because just talking through the difficulties of a job can lift the weight from your shoulders, leaving you refreshed and ready to approach a task from a new angle and you can think of creative designs.

Inspiration for a design can come from anywhere at almost anytime. The moment you feel inspired, take action immediately. Don’t wait a minute, day, or week to get started.  If you feel inspired to learn something, sign up for a class right away. Le Mark School of Art offers you various courses which can help the artist within you reach the maximum potential. Contact us to know more about the same and do let us know your thoughts on inspiration.

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