How To Expand Your Job Opportunities In Fashion Designing

How To Expand Your Job Opportunities In Fashion Designing-1

In today’s world, almost every industry has high standards and tough competition to surmount. You need to put extra effort and think out of the box to meet the raised bars. A lot of people perceive fashion designing in India to be a saturated market with limited scope. We beg to differ, there are umpteen scopes and job opportunities in fashion, provided that the young designers are open to growth and tenacious and proactive by nature. To stay ahead of the competition, fashion students should focus on their growth and attain better exposure from the beginning of their fashion careers. There are many actions that designers usually take later in their career, it would give you an added advantage if you start taking initiative early.

To help you further, we are listing some tips about ways you can beat your peers:

Get a degree

You have to take a course in fashion designing to get introduced to the world of fashion in the right way. It will assure you better opportunities and bigger clients as education adds to your credibility. You will have in-depth knowledge about the field and be able to discover the different career pathways available while learning. In your initial stage, you can connect with the industry experts and learn from their experience.

Keep learning and growing

 Learning new things every day is the best way to grow yourself. You can attend different workshops and webinars, read books, surf through youtube and websites to learn about the different concepts and events that transpire on a regular basis. Research about the lives of other achievers in your area to have a better understanding of what they did right. Try to learn the in and out of your industry so that you can have a clearer picture of opportunities that can come your way.


Make a virtual presence

Having a digital presence is extremely important for getting your work seen by employers and the big figures that might take an interest. If your work starts to trend, it might grab the attention of the huge names in the industry that will catapult your career to another level. So why not take the chance! You can also consider writing blogs on fashion-related subjects. Make an account on sites like Behance where you can upload your videos. Also, have a Linkedin account where all your work is present for employers to access.

Explore your niche

Get your hands on different responsibilities so that you can know what suits you the best. It will help you choose your specialty. Evaluating and discovering your niche early in the process will help you big time to stay ahead in the game and discover job opportunities in fashion industry that you actually like. As there will only be one area to focus on and excel at, it will save a lot of time and effort.

Build a stellar portfolio

Make a profile that makes your work come across as unique and interesting. Your portfolio is the main representation of your abilities. It is the main deciding factor for employers to hire you. No matter how good you are, it is of no use if you cannot present a piece that can speak for you. Hence, it is essential that you pay particular attention to it. Try to exhibit your diversity and individuality, while sticking to not more than three types. This will prevent people from getting confused about which pocket to fit you in.


Network actively

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated. If you are a part of a community, you can find inspirations around you who can motivate you to stick with your goals. It is observed that people working with a community are less likely to deviate than lone wolves. Networking and marketing your work well can get you better clients and better pay packages. Linking with industry people allows you to crack good deals and grab more opportunities. It will also promote your work in the long run.

Be open to criticism

Leave your ego at the door, if you really want to do well in the industry. Nobody can be perfect and omniscient and so aren’t you. Accept your flaws, be self-aware and be eager to grow. Let people judge your work and be open to their opinion, it may not always be what you what. The key to evolving at a faster rate is patience. It may sound paradoxical but it is as true as air. You need to understand that it is a process that will take time. Meanwhile, recognize and utilize all the resources around you.

You will definitely make a name for yourself if you really love Fashion designing and are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

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