How to become a Product and a Food Photographer

How to become a Product and a Food Photographer 3

Product photography, or e-commerce photography as it’s sometimes known, is basically what it sounds like: photos taken and used on websites and social media platforms to help drive sales of your product or service. One of the specializations in photography, it is gaining a lot of popularity as a viable career option with the advent of the digital age and boom of the internet.

Brands want to build a strong online presence to market their products and services. For these purposes, they need aesthetic and stunning images of their products that are an eye-catcher for the audiences. It is a still life photography genre used to create attractive still life photographs of food. What used to be a niche in photography, in 2016, took the social media by storm, with it supposedly being the 2nd most popular subject for photography fanatics, on Instagram, after the selfie tsunami. Food photography is a very specific genre, as it demands a passion and a deep understanding of the products.

Learning the nitty-gritty of the craft

How to become a Product and a Food Photographer

Learning Product and food photography involve studying the technical aspects along with parallelly implementing that knowledge in shooting your photographs. Knowing about the fundamentals of the craft help you in building a strong base coupled with learning about lighting, image editing and composition techniques can make you unstoppable in the industry. Learning about the technicality of skill can be mastered but gaining experiential and practical knowledge is as essential as the former. Enrolling yourself in reputed institutes make the path of becoming a professional photographer easier since they provide everything required to make you a skilled professional photographer, from workshops and sessions, by top-notch mentors, guiding you towards the path to success.

Purchasing appropriate equipment

How to become a Product and a Food Photographer 4

Doing thorough research before purchasing a camera is a must. Sony, Nikon, Canon are some of the companies that offer a wide range of variety, for professionals and amateurs alike. Sometimes with just one Lens, you could do the job but other times you’ll require different types of lenses since you’ll be working in different focal lengths. The macro lens is a necessity for food photography. Other pieces of equipment including a tripod, lighting gear, grip and backdrops are quite essential for product and food photography, playing an important role to create the perfect desired image.

Apprenticeships and Internships

How to become a Product and a Food Photographer 1

In every field, the greats of the craft have apprenticed under someone, before they went on their journey to become the best in their game. Apprenticeships and internships are important since they help you in honing your skills along with guiding you to develop your authentic style. You gain industry experience in the process, building contacts on the way which help you in establishing credibility. Students studying in institutes that have such faculty, who are skilled photographers with years of experience in the industry, have an upper hand over other photographers, setting them apart from the others in the industry.

Setting up your portfolio

How to become a Product and a Food Photographer 5

Build a portfolio that lists and showcases your best product and food photos, since this would give you credibility and visibility, which in turn is crucial in getting clients. The portfolio you are building is also a sign of your personal brand. Have some information about yourself and some content and you’re good to go. With so many photographers in the industry, building a strong Portfolio is a small but effective way to distinguish yourself from others.

Building an online presence

How to become a Product and a Food Photographer 2

Creating an online presence is quite important for a photographer. Attracting audiences build credibility which becomes important for getting work and clients. Doing paid ads on google and facebook, promoting yourself on fiver and upwork helps your brand reach more people and thus help you grow in this industry.

Understanding client's requirements and working accordingly

Your only motto should be fulfilling what a client needs. Understand your clients- what they are pitching and what they want from you exactly. The more you make your clients happy and delighted, the more work you’ll get from them. As they will come back to you for future jobs.

If you feel that these above steps and ways are difficult, We are here to make the process way easier. The Diploma course in food and product photography, at Le Mark , offers technical expertise, helping students in mastering the art and science behind product and food photography. Along with masterclasses and workshops from industry experts, the students learn about portfolio development and personal branding, setting them up for a bright future in the industry

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