How to become a celebrity Makeup Artist

How to become a celebrity Makeup Artist

We all have had the moment when we were left speechless by the red carpet looks of our favourite celebrity. It is important to know that it does not happen without hours of efforts of an army of professionals including hair stylists, stylists and celebrity makeup artists. Close bonds between celebrities and their makeup artists are not uncommon. Makeup artists spends  maximum time with their celebrities clients, enjoy the luxury of the glamour world while doing their job and get to travel to different places for work all the time.

If the glitz and glamour of the life of a celebrity makeup artist sounds appealing to you, here are some ways to make it your own :

Get the right training- It is hard to emphasize the importance of doing a makeup artistry course enough. It is such a competitive market that having good credentials and technical understanding of the products and their nature is really going to help you make your mark and find better clients. You need a recognised platform to present your work in order to crack big deals and a certificate from a recognised makeup artist institute is going to help you put your best foot forward. You will be taught to use the right makeup suitable for TV, films,  advertisements and model photoshoots. Although your skills can be sharpened with experience, the right training can help you add versatility and quality to your work, even at the early stage of your career.


Try to assist experienced artists- Makeup Artistry is all about practice and exposure. Try to get mentoring from some knowledgeable industry professionals that can expose you to the ground reality of the industry and introduce you with some hacks and tricks that can stay with you throughout your journey. Getting mentoring at the early stage and having erudite discussion with your mentor about the field is going to help you have command over the process in a smoother manner.

Stock up your kit- When you think about becoming a makeup professional for top class people, having a fully stocked up makeup kit comes in handy. It has to be one  big investment you will need to make. Keep in mind to fill your kit with all the major shades of foundation, having primers for all skin types will help you save your day. Apart from this, make sure you have a combination of premium and drug store brands that can provide a wide range to your clients to choose from.


Stay professional- All celebrities and renowned people expect one thing from their makeup artists, professionalism. It is important that you understand the need to be organised, well versed and respectful to their space. You don’t need to be too servile in the process as it is very palpable when people try too hard to please others. You should try to give your client the best experience possible as it will make them recommend you to others. You can try to play soothing music in the background to help them relax when you do your job, you can also hand them magazines or books. Always respect them space and abstain from asking personal questions as much as possible. Know that you are there to perform your job to the best of your ability so that it can leave a lasting impression on your client. Refrain from trying to become best friends with your clients and probing into their lives and it is going to create chaos in your professional career. Always ask your client’s permission before taking pictures and sharing behind the scenes on your social media. Your clients will know that you are considerate and respectful of their space.

Do your research- Try to know about your field as much as you can. Go through the market trends, current affairs, latest trends, latest looks, makeup vlogs etc. So that you can know what is exactly working at that instant. It will help you provide your clients with better tips and come across as an expert in your field. It will add on to your credibility and increase your chance of getting recommended to famous people.

Market your work- Although your work speaks for itself, it is important that they are seen by your target audience. Consider having a social media page where you can present and promote your work. Share customer’s testimonials, videos of the process, before-after looks,recreation videos etc in a creative way to attract their attention. You can tag the celebrities and their assistant so that they can be aware of your existence. Creating a youtube channel where you can provide makeup tutorials, share your knowledge and experience & tips and tricks will help you grow your audience base and garner more viewers that will later convert into appointments.

There is no one way to attract the attention of the best people and make them hire you, but by using the above tips and tricks for a considerable period of time will allow you to leave an impression on the industry and hack your way to the top.

Go ahead and make your way to the top of the funnel!

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