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Digital Photography Online Course

Digital Photography for Beginners

This course will be a great start for those who always desired to take stunning professional looking photos and advance to shooting in manual mode. The course will take you right through understanding the basic principals of photography to understanding the technical aspect of the camera and developing an artistic vision. The course is delivered live with practical approach and assignments to build your confidence in shooting in manual mode.  

The course is designed to cater to the needs of students, working professionals, amateur photographers who want to enhance their skills to the next level as a hobby or profession.


  • How cameras work
  • Understanding exposure (Exposure triangle)
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • Focus
  • Aperture and depth of field
  • Understanding different shooting modes (Manual, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program mode)
  • Get creative shooting in manual mode
  • Camera lenses (Classification of lenses, Prime, Telephoto, wide angle, Fish eye, Tilt Shift) and focal length (Focal plane, significance of focal length)
  • The importance of understanding light
  • ISO, megapixels and sensors
  • Different file types – RAW vs JPEG
  • Photography composition (Rule of thirds, Golden triangle, Symmetry, PoV, Perspective)
  • White balance and color (Daylight, Cloudy, Florescent, Tungsten)  
  • Landscape photography
  • Product photography
  • Night photography
  • Short portfolio


INR 12000 1200

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Features of the Course

  • 100% Live teaching
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Mentor support
  • 4 x Assignments
  • Certificate
  • Downloadable photography notes

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