Creative Careers After 12th

Gone are the days when parents would prefer science or commerce stream as a career choice for their children after class 12 to make them future Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers. Times have changed now and things are very different today. Today there is cut-throat competition in every field and both parents and kids are ready to opt for off-beat creative career options.

So, Do you need a career that will allow you to express your creativity? Looking for Creative Courses after the 12th, you might have gone through or heard of varied career options after 12th. But, still confused about which way to go.

These are 6 good professional courses, which are ideal for creative students:

Creative careers:

1. Fashion Designer

bachelor of fashion design

For youngsters, having innovative designing skills and desire to be a part of this creative profession, this is an advantageous field. The Indian fashion industry has expanded hugely owing to globalization and has the best designing courses. Fashion designing is now not limited to designing dresses, but this includes an ample range of designing options like accessories and other stylish clothing to suit the requirement of the consumer and you could do a bachelors, in designing courses after 12th and could choose the courses from the best designing courses in India.

2. Interior Designing

Things you should keep in mind while designing a space-1

The prime Field of Interior Design is offices, residential areas, restaurants, industrial space, hotels, or any other building interiors that may include furniture, designing walls, texture, lighting, etc. Interior designers need to acquire good drawing, designing skills along with some technical knowledge to meet the requirement of the clients. There are various types of designing courses in interior designing and also various career options available that you could explore.

3. Photography

Advanced Diploma in Photography

Do you feel like you find something extraordinary in ordinary stuff? If you like playing with the camera and have an obsession with clicking photographs in the best way, certainly the profession of photography is calling out for you? You could pursue photography as a career option by either working for someone else or starting your own venture can make money and opportunities both depending on one’s innovation and hard work

4. Makeup Artistry

online makeup course-International-Certificate-in-Makeup-Artistry.jpg

Be it a girl or boy, professional Makeup studios are there for both. Makeup Artistry is growing with tremendous momentum with people getting more conscious about how they come across. A trained and experienced makeup artist might work in a salon or specializing in wedding and event makeup, or work in the fashion industry, television, film, or theatre, applying everything from natural looks to dramatic theatrical makeup.

5. Textile Designing

What is Textile Design

Textile Designing basically provides you with the knowledge and ability to work in companies that produce apparel and textiles products. This includes product development, selection, merchandising and designing, and the products of various design-driven industries

6. Graphic Designer


Are you having a vision completely out of the way, a different connection with the graphics? Do advertisements attract you? Check it now, somewhere you have the quality of becoming a graphic designer. It’s a profession where no doubt you have to be completely engrossed in it. But once you catch the fire, you can do wonders.

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