Career Pathways in photography

In the field of photography, you can always make a living by doing what you love the most.

As we know there are a wide range of industries that are critical, a career as a photographer is also critical as it requires skills and knowledge about the modern imaging techniques and know how about the traditional photography equipment’s. There are wide range of options available today once you complete your formal education in photography. You can choose from being a portrait photographer to photojournalist. The opportunities are waiting for you. You can choose any option from the diverse range that is suitable for you according to your interest and passion.  Each choice that you make will give you different opportunity and will require different set of skills. There are many jobs that will provide you the pay you are looking for as well as the satisfaction of creativity.

After completion of your formal training when you strike into the professional world you can go as an independent person who focuses on commercial, portrait, fashion or journalism photography. You can also work as a freelance photographer for some newspaper, magazine or even a marketing firm.

Let’s see the most in demand photography jobs in India:

Wedding Photographer


Wedding photographers capture photographs of events related to wedding like pre-wedding photoshoots, engagement shoot, wedding day shoot etc. This job involves travelling within the city, country or around the globe. At Le Mark, we train our students to not only click good photographs but also understand the idea behind a photoshoot. This is a necessary skill in wedding photography as one needs to have a creative mindset for such photoshoots. Wedding photographers are highly paid and often fully booked during the wedding season.

Wildlife Photographer


Wildlife photographers photograph wild animals & plants in their natural environment. They create compelling images of the wildlife for television channels, publishing houses etc. As a wildlife photographer, one goes through different environmental challenges like low/excessive light, fog, smog, rains etc. Hence, photo editing becomes a crucial skill to learn in order to display images in a compelling manner. A 2 year professional diploma in photography can help you gain these essential skills. Wildlife photographers are usually self employed and work on freelance basis. As exciting as it sounds, it is also one of the most high paying job in photography industry.

Fashion Photographer


Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to clothing and accessories. It includes in studio shoots or outdoor shoots at fashion shows. A thorough knowledge of studio lighting and camera equipment is essential to become a successful fashion photographer. As glamorous as this job sounds, it is also one of the most highly paid jobs in the photography industry. At Le Mark, we provide practical knowledge of fashion photography through in studio shoots and at our annual fashion show event.

Product Photographer


Product photography includes helping clients to market their products through your photographs. Product photographers take pictures of products and make them look appealing. These pictures are then used for a variety of marketing activities on hoardings, catalogues, website, social media etc.

Architectural-Interior Photographer


Architectural/Interior Photographers capture images of structures like residencies, commercial buildings and home interiors to make a living. They often work on freelancing basis with real estate companies or interior design studios. To become a architectural/interior photographer, one needs to have thorough knowledge of camera angles and lights. Along with this, basic knowledge of editing software like photoshop and adobe illustrator is essential.

Photojournalist-News Photographer

Photo Journalists usually work for publications like newspaper, magazines and much more. They are usually the story tellers as their pictures speak thousand words for them. They capture live events through their camera for magazines, newspaper or news channels. It is a high in demand job with a good pay off.

We hope that the information on this blog would be helpful for you to get an idea of all the different roles that you can enter in after doing a photography course. We recommend you check out our 2 Year Professional Diploma in Photography course which is a campus course and Australian Accredited Diploma in Photography online course. Both of these courses will help you become a specialized photographer.

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