Career Pathways in Fashion Design


There are ample of options available that one might have never heard of. In this blog you can read more about the various jobs that you can have in your fashion career after completing your Fashion Designing Courses. Let that be an undergraduate level course or a post-graduate level course.

Let’s together customize your fashion career at Le Mark school of Art. 

There are many individuals who lack the understanding to realize that Fashion design does require a whole lot of different characters. There is one head designer to lead the ones around within the team but at the same time the lead designer does need many other supporting players to keep up with the amazing collections that we see on the ramp. Those beautiful ensembles are not just created with the effort of one person. There are others who have been putting their sweat and blood for the efforts. The fashion design education plays a vital role when you think of entering the beautiful industry of fashion. The fashion education that you get while you are studying will be the backbone and will prepare you for your fashion journey when you start your fashion career even if you find yourself starting to work with supporting roles out in the business world. There are certainly many branches to the fashion career you want. From designer to trend analysts, one of the following roles can be helpful for you to gain rich experience in the industry and create a track for you to take the next step.

Let’s explore the most enchanting opportunities that are waiting for you at the other side of your career when you leave your fashion university.

You can further customize your career by focusing on a particular sector. These are few examples of fashion career specialities that you can choose from:

  • Luxury clothing design
  • Children’s clothing design
  • Costume design
  • Footwear design
  • Lingerie design
  • Men’s wear design
  • Sportswear design
  • Swimwear design
  • Women’s wear design

Upon completion of the course, the careers that you can choose from are:

Retail Buyer: A profession in which you can have your own business and can sell your designs or can have a multi designer store.

Retail Manager:  A profession in which you can become a retail manager in a fashion company where you will be responsible for the management of the retail store.

Retail Merchandiser: A profession in which you can work closely with the buyers to predict the future of the trends for obtaining maximum profits.

 Visual Merchandiser: A profession in which you are responsible for optimizing the presentation of products and services to better highlight their features and benefits.

Magazine Journalist: A profession in which your creativity and knowledge is your backbone. You are responsible for fashion news and articles that are printed in the magazines.

Store Manager: A profession in which you will be responsible for customer service.

Stylist: In this profession you are required to style garments for your client. You can work as a celebrity stylist or a personal stylist.

Textile Designer: In this profession you are required to create new prints, textiles using CAD to make 2D patterns and designs.

Artists and Sketchers: In this profession you are required to sketch new designs.

Assistant Designers: In this profession you can support leading designers in India and globally to create new designs and collections.

Pattern drafter: In this profession you are required to make patterns for the designs.

Pattern graders: In this profession you are required to alter patterns to different sizes.

We hope that the information provided above was helpful for you to choose your career and helped you build confidence.

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