-Beginner's Course in Textile design-

3 Month Online + In Class Course

Beginners course in textile design online

Beginner's Course in Textile Design (Online + In Class)

Textile design is an ever growing industry that continuously requires new talents who can take the industry to the next level. The 3 month course is for individuals looking to gain an in-depth knowledge on textile design in a limited period of time. The course is divided into two phases. Phase I is an online phase where students are educated through online lectures. Phase II requires students to perform in class practicals. The course covers important topics of textile design starting from understanding design, colour, fabric types to fabric painting, apparel manufacturing and dyeing and printing. A compulsory submission of 8 assignments, 4 projects and 6 practical projects is required for successful completion of the course.


  • Design & Colour
  • Fabric Study
  • Textile Design
  • Embroidery Design & Craft
  • Accessory Making
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Computer Application
  • Textile Dyeing & Printing Practicals
  • Texturing Techniques
  • Fabric & Stencil Painting
  • 8 Assignments
  • 4 Project
  • 6 Practical Projects


INR 25000*

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