Advance Photography Course

3 Months Live Online Course

Course Overview

Advance Photography Course Unlock your creative potential with the best online photography course.
This online course will provide you the required knowledge for shooting better and creative images. From Studio Lighting to Light Painting, you’ll be able to compose your images more aesthetically.
This photography course will also help you learn various aspects of camera, gears & accessories. Flash, Studio Lighting, Composition rules, Light Painting and many other elements will be covered which makes this course the best.
In this online course, your mentor will illustrate everything live and solve your queries in real time. You can collaborate with your fellow students in breakout rooms, refer recordings of the class and download the resources which will guide you while you are shooting.
By the end of this course, you’ll be confident to compose your images with sound technicality and more creatively.

What will you learn from this course?

  1. Get familiar with various lenses, gears & accessories
  2. Get total control of manual mode
  3. Click amazing photos to impress your family & friends
  4. Use light painting images to boost your social media
  5. Learn various lighting techniques to click beautifully lit-up photos
  6. Illuminate darkness in your photos by using flash
  7. Use different combination of rules to compose a perfect photo
  8. Moving subject or still, click anything by taking control over the Shutter Speed

Course Curriculum

Introduction to DSLR

Image file formats

Accessories and equipments in photography

Introduction to Aperture in photography

Introduction to Shutter Speed in photography

Introduction to ISO in Photography

Understanding Metering and Metering Modes

What is Exposure Compensation & How to Use It?

Different types of shooting modes

Understanding camera lenses and focal length

ISO, Megapixels and Sensors

Understanding Focus in photography

White balance

The art of composition

Light Painting

Flash Photography

Studio Photography - I


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Course Information

Features of the Course

Study Kit

  1. Basic DSLR camera
  2. Lens
  3. Tripod (Recommended)
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Frequently asked Questions

For answers to our most commonly asked questions, read our FAQs.

The course will be thought live online on our interactive online learning system. You need to login at the selected batch timing and be a part of the focused group. 
Yes. You can attend the course from Mobile, Tablet, Desktop PC or Laptop. 

Yes. These courses are interactive and allows students to ask questions via chat in group or private and in some cases even live face to face online. 

You will have access to the class recording to watch it later in case you miss the scheduled session.

Yes. There will be assignments in the course. The live online course is a beautiful blended experience of virtual learning through our interactive online learning system. All the assignments can be uploaded in your dashboard. 
You will have access to the downloadable notes and images, recorded lectures and mentor support throughout the duration of the course. 
Yes. All the courses are certified and you can download the course completion certificate after successful completion of the course. 
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