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Our Institute

LeMark has established itself as one of the leading institutes in India in the disciplines of Fashion, Jewelry and textile.

LeMark is characterized by its commitment to educational initiatives where students and professors combine cutting edge technologies with contemporary design and artistic concepts.

Preparing students for professional careers, LeMark emphasizes learning through individual attention in a positively oriented institutional environment.

LeMark offers professional certificate courses through dedicated faculty, industry exposure, advanced learning resources and comprehensive support services.

With over 15 years of teaching expertise, LeMark has spread across Mumbai with 5 centers of design education excellence to meet the demands of art and design education.

Board of Directors

LeMark's management take it as their prime duty and responsibility to carve out bright careers of the students. With utmost dedication and sincerity, our core team works unremittingly to give the best and extract the optimum from the students and place them on the path of fame and fortune.

Sagar Shah
Director + Strategy
Director + Management
Director + Leadership
Director + Knowledge