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Vijaykumar Kori

Fashion Designer Cum production Manager at MM Styles Pvt Ltd. A Venture by Fashion Designer, Manish Malhotra.

Kajol Jain

Owns a Fashion Label with her name.

Disha makwana

Currently Working as a Production Manager at House of Masabaa

Fawad Khatri

Worked as an Intern with Shantanu & Nikhil Showcased my collection at India Runway Week W/F 2014 Showcased my collection at Blender& Pride Bangalore Fashion Week S/O 2015 Selected for Myntra Fashion Incubator Season 1 as a top Finalist all over India Assisted Ujjawal Dubey of Antar Angi at multiple Fashion Weeks. Showcased my collection at Lakme Fashion Week S/R 2017 at Mumbai. Designs from Lakme Fashion Week were worn by multiple celebrities like, Gia Manek, VJ Andy, Neha Dupia and more. Was covered by Verve Magazine and Vogue Online Magazine. Recently was featured at Harper Bazaar Bride Magazine.